Legacy Team

What does it mean to be on the Legacy Team?

Those who serve on the Legacy Team strategically invest their resources over and above their tithe to accelerate the vision of our church.

What does it require of you?

To give influence and resources to Emmanuel in order to accelerate the vision of our church.

Vision Gaps

The speed of the vision directly ties to the pace of giving.

2 Legacy Giving Options:

Giving Option # 1 - Multisite Vision

Launching 1 new campus every year for the next 12 years. Our goal is to raise an additional $1,000,000 each year to fund this vision.

Giving Option #2 - Special Projects

Centralized Office Building: $1,500,00

Our centralized team has outgrown our current office space that is currently shared with our broadcast campus. This new space will allow both them and our broadcast campus to continue to expand.

Stones Crossing Campus Lobby and Auditorium Remodel: $600,000

This remodel will help maximize the weekend experience for first-time guests.  New e-cafe and Information Centers Fresh Paint 

LED Wall: $350,000 

This will help maximize the broadcast experience so that those online have the same experience those at our Stones Crossing Campus are having. 

Two 15-passenger Vans: $100,000 

To transport students, Impact Team, staff, and church members to and from events, retreats, and camps from our Stones Crossing Campus.

Parking lot: $250,000 

We will repave, reseal, and restripe the Stones Crossing Parking Lot to maximize the Sunday experience. 

If God has given you the gift of generating wealth and you want to use that to bless others and fund large vision gaps of the church, reach out and let us know by emailing: legacy@eclife.org

Stock Giving

Overflow is an online stocks donation platform that helps churches accept donations of publicly-traded stock. Use this simple and safe method of giving to make a stock donation directly from your portfolio.

Give Today

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