Who does God love? God loves me! Every weekend, Emmanuel's Kids Ministry experiences are designed to help the youngest ones understand that God really does love them! First time? Stop by the Info Desk at your campus and they'll get you checked in or you can save time by pre-registering online - start the process by clicking "Pre-Register" below:


A peaceful atmosphere and place of caring. That's what the nursery is all about. As children take their first steps, they get glimpses of their Heavenly Father through the compassion and one-on-one attention shown to them by loving and trustworthy caregivers. Each campus has  clean and fully-staffed nursery environments.


Preschoolers love to show adults how BIG they are! Emmanuel Preschool experiences are designed to help each child understand how BIG God's love for them is - in safe, irresistible environments packed with kid-focused fun. It's not babysitting, it's creative and exciting spiritual formation and development!


One-of-a-kind kids loved by a one-of-a-kind God! Every kid at Emmanuel feels that love in experiences designed just for them. The Bible is brought to life in a way that kids will never forget through high-energy worship music, storytelling, games, and videos, along with small group interactions focused on real-life applications.

Additional Information

From the moment you pull in the parking lot, you’ll be greeted by lots of friendly faces eager to show you the way. Your first stop will be the Family Check-In area.
Check-ins keep children safe, so we do them each and every week. You'll receive three ID tags for each child:
  1.  One for your child to wear;
  2. One to give their leader as you drop them off;
  3. One to keep, which you present when you pick up your child after service
If there's a need to reach you, you'll receive a text message alert during service.
The health and safety of every child at Emmanuel is a very big deal! If your child is displaying any of the following symptoms, please keep them home, as they will be unable to participate with other children:
  • Fever over 100°
  • Vomiting within last 24 hours
  • Diarrhea within last 24 hours
  • Skin rashes or eruptions of unknown origin including but not limited to impetigo, measles, chickenpox, etc.
  • Persistent coughing associated with respiratory infection, bronchitis, etc.
  • Runny nose with green- or yellow-colored discharge, or congestion associated with a cough or fever.
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) that may also have colored discharge or drainage.
  • Parasites, any form of lice, mites, or ringworm.
If your child develops any of the above symptoms during services, we will notify you so you can pick them up right away.
Family Room & Nursing Mother’s Room
We've got just the spot at each campus for families to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience with plenty of space for kiddos to play. Nursing moms have their own private environment with live service stream.
Supportive Services
Emmanuel Supportive Services Ministries partner with families of children, students or young adults with differing needs, as well as those who are simply looking for added support during weekend services. Assistance options during services include one-on-one buddies and dedicated support rooms.

Parent Cue

Parenting is one of the most important jobs there is - you want to get it right, and we are here to help! A child's spiritual growth doesn't end when they walk out of the church building, so we've gathered tools to help you lead the way 24/7 at home. The Parent Cue is a free resource that will help you follow along with the curriculum taught each week. It contains:

  • Videos
  • Memory Verses
  • Activities
  • Key Lesson Takeaways