Impact Team

Each one of us has been uniquely designed by God! All of our talents and personalities working side-by-side infuse the church with the power to make real difference in the world. You're never more like Jesus than when you serve - in fact, the part you play may be instrumental in impacting the decision of someone to give their life to Christ.

Join the Team

The Emmanuel Impact Team has serving opportunities for every personality, skill set, season, and schedule. You'll build relationships, build the church and build your heart and soul while doing meaningful work with new (and/or old) friends!

Your first step to get involved is Impact 101. It's designed to help you discover your unique wiring and how you can apply your God-given gifts. You'll then be able to register to try out the serving opportunity that looks best to you.

Impact 101 is the start, but it doesn't end there. In fact, it's just part of what we call Impact Night - worship, training, connection, and encouragement, all rolled into one! To find out more about Impact Night, just keep scrolling down...

Information about the next Impact Team event is coming soon!

Impact Team Night

The church is built on the gifts and talents of many people, and Impact Team Night is when we all come together. We worship together, learn together, grow together, have fun together - all while focusing on God and what He's doing through Emmanuel Church.

Each Impact Team Night is divided into two parts. Part one is everyone together, and includes a set of unique experiences designed to strengthen us as team members while building Christ-likeness into everything we do.

The second half of Impact Team Night contains two different tracks - one for newbies, and one for those actively serving. If you're a first-timer checking things out, you'll head to Impact 101. If you're a current team member, you'll connect, train, and grow with your fellow team members in your specific area of ministry.

To register for our next Impact Team Night, text TEAM to 65248 (registering for Impact 101 automatically registers you for Impact Team Night).

Information about the next Impact Team event is coming soon!