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Grab A Towel - David Moore

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Emmanuel is in the business of lighting up the darkness, and 40-Watt is very happy to do his part.

Whenever a light flickers at Emmanuel Church of Greenwood, “40-Watt-Dave” comes to the rescue. Now that may sound dramatic, but at Emmanuel, a flicker is no small thing. There are nearly a thousand light bulbs that need to be maintained on the church property, and every one matters. That’s where David Moore comes in- he’s the light bulb man.

Every Friday, when the halls of the church are quiet, “40-Watt Dave” pushes a cart armed with a ladder, an assortment of tools, and a stack of light bulbs in all shapes and sizes. Dave is one of the dozens of volunteers that make things happen at Emmanuel.

About 15 years ago, Dave attended his first small group. This was a big step that meant new friendships and opportunities for Dave. One night, he was invited to help out with some set-up work that needed to be done in the Field House in preparation for the Upward Basketball events that Emmanuel hosted at the time. Dave had no idea when he agreed to help out, just how much he would enjoy getting connected with the other men who were there to serve.

When Emmanuel stopped hosting the basketball events, Dave asked if there was another job he might be able to help with. Sure enough, there was, and he began his tenure as “30-Watt.” Dave says, in jest, that it took him awhile to earn a title with higher wattage.

Dave also claims that the relationships he has formed while serving at Emmanuel have changed his life and that he has a lot of fun with the other volunteers who work in the church building while he’s there. Dave would say he’s a much richer man because he was willing to “grab a towel” and serve.

Every week, 40-Watt-Dave shows up to save the Emmanuel family from the annoyances (and sometimes the headaches) caused by flickering light bulbs. He knows that his work is valued, but beyond that, Dave knows that what he does is important in a broader sense. Every detail matters when it comes to inviting people to meet Jesus. God is using David Moore’s hidden work in Emmanuel’s quiet hallways to change people’s lives.

Interested in what you can do to help at Emmanuel? Interested in making connections?